12" & 17" Crushed Velvet Tree Shaped Home Décor Pillows

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A Candi Andi crushed velvet tree pillow is a bright, colorful piece of soft sculpture that makes for happy spaces. Every Candi Andi tree pillow is hand crafted from the finest crushed velvets available and we utilize all-natural fills including buckwheat hulls and optional lavender blossoms that provide our tree pillows with a delightfully squishy feel that makes them impossible to put down. Lavender blossoms have been used for centuries to aid in relaxation and the prevention of headaches, and will maintain their fragrance far longer than man-made oils. Our decorative tree pillows will make a stunning addition to any living area or bedroom and are surprisingly functional as they fit perfectly in the nooks and crannies of your body while snuggling with a loved one, lying alone while reading, watching a movie, or anytime your heart desires a little romance. Our tree pillows will also add a stunning touch of elegance to any holiday décor, centerpiece, party favors, or for unique gift giving. Buy several and create your own plush forest. Spread the love!  Handmade in the U.S.A.   Measures 12" or 17" in Height.