12" & 18" Satin Brocade Heart Shaped Throw Decor Pillows

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No use in resisting, these unevenly shaped adorable 12" and 18" heart pillows crave to be held! A Candi Andi 12" or 18" Satin Brocade heart pillow is a bright, colorful piece of soft sculpture that makes for happy spaces. Each 18" heart is handmade in our cozy upstate New York studio, and when something is handmade and there is passion, energy and attention paid to each piece, you get originality and quality you can't find in mass-produced products.

This 12" or 18" Satin Brocade heart pillow is hand crafted from the finest Satin Brocade available. We utilize an all-natural fill of buckwheat hulls that provide our pillows with a delightfully squishy feel (also available scented with all natural lavender blossoms which have been used for centuries to aid in relaxation and the prevention of headaches, and will maintain their fragrance far longer than man-made oils).

Our decorative heart pillow will make a stunning addition to any living area or bedroom and is surprisingly functional as it fits perfectly in the nooks and crannies of your body while snuggling with a loved one, lying alone while reading, watching a show or movie, or anytime your heart desires a little romance. Our 12" and 18" hearts will add a stunning touch of elegance to your wedding as a ring bearer pillow, shower favors or gift. They make wonderfully heart felt gifts for any occasion and will be enjoyed for years and years.   Also available in 4" and 6" Satin Brocade or Crushed Velvet.