Bela Lugosi Embroidered 18" Home Decor Throw Pillow

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I first learned of Bela Lugosi when I was just a child watching Abbott & Costello on Sunday mornings.  To this day I can see his image vividly during the "Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein" episode, and that image has never left me.  The connection when I first heard "Bela Lugosi's Dead' was profound and to this day when the name Dracula is mentioned, it's Bela that I envision.  This pillow is my tribute to Bela.

Each Bella pillow is hand crafted in our cozy studio dungeon from scratch from the finest black crushed velvet available, hand filled with all natural buckwheat hulls, with an embroidered design.

Have another band/singer or any other image or design you'd like embroidered on a pillow?  We'll create ANYTHING!  Just email us with your custom idea:

Average weight is 2.5lbs

Measures 18" from top to tip