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About our handmade Eye Pillows:

  • PROVIDES you with gentle pressure around the eyes to release your tension, stress and fatigue caused by using digital devices or computer monitors, reading, or driving long distances. RELAXES your eyebrows, cheekbones, temples, neck and shoulders.
  • RELIEVES your swollen eyes and aching migraines when chilled in the refrigerator or freezer before use. COMFORTS tired eyes when warmed slightly more than body temperature. When our all-natural flax seed fill is heated, a moist heat is released as it cools, creating a unique thermal and oil content that heats quickly and retains heat, making it an ideal odorless natural heating product.
  • ALL-NATURAL lavender blossoms have been proven for centuries to ENHANCE your ability to relax and fall asleep quicker, as well as aid in the prevention of headaches. Also available UNSCENTED.
  • ASSISTS your inner focus during YOGA practice and resting periods by blocking out intrusive light and shadows. SUPPORTS the side of your neck during side-lying poses when placed under your neck.
  • HANDMADE with LOVE in our upstate New York studio to ensure the highest quality and construction. We utilize the FINEST Satin Brocade and Crushed Velvets available and all-natural fills.

Measures 9" X 3" X 1.5" - Average weight = 10.5oz

Hand crafted in the U.S.A. 


Why you should choose a Candi Andi Eye Pillow:

QUALITY: Every Eye Pillow is hand crafted in our cozy upstate New York studio from the finest Satin Brocade and Crushed Velvet available and then hand filled with all-natural flax seeds and optional all-natural lavender blossoms. We believe that when something is handmade and there is passion, energy and attention paid to each piece, you get originality and quality you can't find in mass-produced products.

PRIDE: We know there are a lot of Eye Pillows on the market and there are many cheaper priced Eye Pillows as well, but when you purchase from Candi Andi you’re supporting a woman and veteran owned American handcraft small business. We hire stay-at-home and single moms to assist us with our hand-crafted production. Best of all: We are proud to provide you with that rare opportunity to purchase something that isn’t made overseas.

LOVE: We LOVE to make Eye Pillows! Candi Andi has been hand crafting home spa products and decorative home décor pillows for over 18 years and we put our love into every item we create.

GRATITUDE: We are very THANKFUL for every single customer and always humbled by every order we receive. We hope you’ll be the next customer to join the Candi Andi family. .


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    So happy I bought another

    Posted by Teddy Nieto on Jun 15th 2022

    The product was a gift for my wife and she loved it so much that I bought one for my mother-in-law. She loved it too. Also want to call out the exceptional customer service. Great product and a great company.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Teddy Nieto on May 11th 2022

    I bought the eye pillow for my wife and she loved it. It was truly a great Mother’s Day gift. In addition, their customer service was exceptional. I will absolutely continue to buy products from them.

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    I absolutely LOVE this eye pillow!

    Posted by Kimberly on May 9th 2020

    I absolutely LOVE this eye pillow!! I'm extremely picky about fabrics and overly sensitive to "scents". This eye pillow is perfect....the crushed velvet on one side and gorgeous satin print on the other side makes it feel extra lux. Most importantly it's filled with the perfect amount (in my humble opinion) real lavender flowers. Many pillows are over stuffed and use synthetic scents as well as filling that can uncomfortably poke through. It's well made and looks like it will last for a long time Ordering was easy. Received it on time as promised. I'll probably buy a few more because it's hard to find an eye pillow like this one : )