At Candi Andi, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction! We pay attention to every detail from the moment the creative process begins to shipping an order out the door. This desire for perfection is transferred into each and every one of our handmade products, which we hope in turn, creates a happy customer every time! Below are a few actual testimonials from actual customers.


"WHAT DID I ever do without a Candi Andi wrist relax? Suffer. My wrists and hands are sooooooooooo comfortable working and playing on my computer now that I have this great invention. And I LOVE that I had color options to select from. The fabric stays cool and soft. This is a brilliant product and worth every cent.” – Vicki

 "I LOVE eye masks and these are the best ones I've ever purchased. The straps are easily adjustable and much more comfortable than the Velcro straps others use (that frequently get stuck in or tear long hair). The workmanship is beautiful and the scented masks are heavenly. These masks also completely block out the light. I have masks that fit my husband perfectly but let light through for me and vice-versa, but these fit both of us equally well. I'll definitely be buying more of these to give as gifts; they're simply too beautiful and I know they're going to make a simple nap feel like a real luxury. I think Candi Andi will be my new indulgence." - Michelle

"FOR YEARS I have been sleeping with your satin eye pillow. It's the only thing that has been able to take away the frequent migraine headaches that I used to get. I purchased the eye pillow at a small French shop in Bloomington, Minnesota. Since I've purchased your eye pillow, I've told many friends and colleagues about the product, hoping in some way it will help your business. Keep up the great work!" - Maria

"I JUST wanted to let you know that I love your eye mask. I have been looking for a good one for years and this is the best. It's not too thick, you can adjust the strap, and it has the lavender smell which helps me sleep. I will recommend your product to everyone I know." - Denise

"JUST WANTED to thank you so much! My husband ordered two custom 18" hearts for Valentines; and I love them! The one I ordered for him for Christmas was perfect and I guess it made more of an impact than I thought. In any case, just wanted to send the good vibe forward! Keep up the good work! xxoo!" – Liz

LOVE THE lavender wrist relax. Beautiful fabric. I have used a wrist rest for years, but decided to have a beautiful one at my desk. I write books so I sit at my desk often. Love the smell!” - Laura