Customized 18" Crushed Velvet Heart Shaped Pillow

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Long after flowers have died and candies have been consumed, our 18" heart pillow will continue to spread the love in your heart!  It's the heart pillow that hugs you back.

Customize our luxurious 18" embroidered Ruby Red or Cherry crushed velvet heart pillows any way your heart desires!  **Space is limited and we will adjust embroidery accordingly to fit on the pillow**  We'll email you a virtual mock-up to confirm before we begin production of your order.   Thread color is Metallic Silver.  If you can think of it, we will embroider it!  Get creative:  fun or sweet nicknames, a favorite loving quote you share, etc.

Embroidery ideas (Also view other images):

  • I love you, Erica
  • Robert & Lisa
  • You + Me = Forever
  • Initials:  JMC & ALC
  • Forever
  • I love you this much!

This Crushed Velvet heart pillow is hand crafted from the finest Crushed Velvet available.  We utilize an all-natural fill of buckwheat hulls and lavender blossoms (also available unscented) that provide our pillows with a delightfully squishy feel and a lavender scent that isn't overwhelming. Lavender blossoms have been used for centuries to aid in relaxation and the prevention of headaches, and will maintain their fragrance far longer than man-made oils.

Each heart is handmade in our cozy upstate New York studio, and we believe when something is handmade and there is passion, energy and attention paid to each piece, you get originality and quality you can't find in mass-produced products.

Every heart is made to order, please allow 2-3 days for production.

Measures 18" from top to tip. 

Average weight = 2.25lbs