Neck & Shoulder Weighted Wrap - Silver

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You carry the world on your shoulders and something the size and weight of a bowling ball on top of your neck; so it’s no wonder you get a little stiff and sore now and then.  Our handmade Neck Pillow is the perfect relaxation aid for home or travel and is crafted from the finest natural fiber Crushed Velvet available for a deep relaxing therapy. 

Slip a moon wrap neck pillow around your neck to experience a galaxy of comfort and relaxation. Our moon wrap neck pillow is the perfect companion while flying, reading or whenever your neck muscles desire some special attention. Our moon wrap neck pillow was designed specifically to remain on your neck while moving about.

An all natural mix of flax seeds and lavender blossoms combines aromatherapy and therapeutic treatments into one. Lavender has been used for centuries to aid in relaxation and the prevention of headaches, while flax seed provides the perfect weight to your neck and shoulders and allows our moon wrap to be heated or chilled for deeper relief. Also available UNSCENTED.

  • ENJOY the ultimate in pain and stress relief as soothing warmth and aromatherapy simply melts away pain, tension and stiffness leaving your neck and shoulders refreshed, relaxed and renewed. Use as heat therapy to increase circulation and ease muscle tension or use as cold therapy to reduce swelling or body temperature.
  • PROVIDES you with support and cushioning to the neck and shoulder area to help keep the vertebrae lined properly, which can significantly reduce many aches, pains, and other adverse symptoms.
  • EXPERIENCE multiple benefits: Neck discomfort is only one of the many common reasons for using a weighted neck pillow; jaw pain, spinal alignment, and breathing are just a few of the other health benefits received. The positioning of one’s neck can affect breathing and even cause back and head pain.
  • INDULGE in heat therapy: When our flax seed fill is heated, a moist heat is released as it cools, creating a unique thermal and oil content that heats quickly and retains heat, making it an ideal odorless natural heating product. All natural lavender blossoms have been used for centuries as a proven aid with relaxation, sleep and the prevention of headaches. Also available UNSCENTED.
  • QUALITY: Each Neck Pillow Moon Wrap is hand crafted in our upstate New York studio from the finest natural fiber Crushed Velvets available to ensure the highest quality and construction.

Measures 12.5" x 12.5" X 3"

Average weight = 2.5lbs

Handmade in the U.S.A.